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CoinNess.com Analysis: High Transaction Volume Failes To Increase XRP's Price, XLM Keeps Posting Gains

11:13 Thursday , March 14th 2019
Although there is no much space for the price of XRP to fluctuate, the trading volume is very high during the market correction. The trading volume of XRP, starting from February 18, has reached the highest level since September 2018. In other words, there must be a large amount of funds participating in the trading of XRP recently. However, XRP doesn't see its price rise, which makes it difficult to understand the intention of funds flowing in and out.
Now XRP marks $ 0.3106 USDT on Binance, down by 1.76% in the past 24 hours.
Coinbase Pro, the US-based digital asset trading exchange, announced support for Stellar's native crypto asset XLM on its platform recently, which makes a big impact on the price of XLM. With the increase of trading volume, the coin keeps posting gains, and gradually goes into a region with high selling pressure (taking$0.12 as a line). Due to the earlier decline in price, the recent rebound performance of XLM can be considered as laggard play.
Now XLM marks $ 0.106 USDT on Binance, up by 4.23% in the past 24 hours.