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Crypto Analysts' Opinions: More Analysts In Favor With A Bull Market

14:03 Thursday , March 14th 2019
As of 19:00 on March 14 (UTC), Bitcoin (BTC) is slightly up 0.35 percent, trading at $3,921.61 at press time. CoinNess.com compiles the Bitcoin technical analysis of popular analysts as follows:
1) Outlook: Bullish
Mind Trader (via Twitter): "BTC (Monthly Chart) $4,400 is a very tough resistance, if manage to break out above $4,400 then $5,800-$6,000 is next possible target."
coin8300 (via TradingView): "We are approaching breaking the long term downward channel and shifting the trend to the upside for the first time in over a year by trading sideways alone. This will occur in just days by trading sideways or less than that if we make a slight move up."
2) Outlook: Bearish
jacobistrading (via TradingView): "Monthly Key Levels state heavy support/resistance. Weekly Key Levels state light support/resistance. Nice Fib Setup can be found from the last low around $3,769 on the daily chart where a key level of support was established. This went up until the 78.6% fib $4,042 which is a weekly resistance level and pulled back from there. Now the fib setup is telling us that it will dump to the -27% level $3,649.7 in the short term."