UTC-05:00,Tuesday , June 25th 2019

MakerDAO Weighs Fourth Fee Hike As DAI Stablecoin Remains Below $1

14:36 Thursday , March 14th 2019
Investors and developers who contribute to the Ethereum-based programmatic lending protocol MakerDAO are debating a fourth increase to the amount charged to users of its U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoin DAI.
As a result of persistent imbalances in the token's supply and demand since February, DAI has been trading below $1 on exchanges – hitting lows of $0.96 on major cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
The last increase, executed on March 8, was by far the largest in the history of the project, raising the Stability Fee to 3.5 percent and prompting some concerns about whether the MakerDAO protocol can support a stablecoin.
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