UTC-05:00,Tuesday , September 17th 2019

Bitcoin's Erlay Is One Of The Most 'Prevalent Network Improvements' In Years, Claims Jameson Lopp

23:59 Tuesday , June 11th 2019
Jameson Lopp, CTO of CasaHODL, recently spoke about the impact of Erlay and claimed that it was one of the most "prevalent improvements" that the network had recorded over the years on the Bitcoin network. The current development will make things a little better in terms of performance and efficiency, without people noticing the change. He suggested that users will witness a "lot more positive impact," because of the bandwidth reduction.
Jameson Lopp, however, mentioned that there was a minor "trade-off" which was attached to the development. He suggested that Erlay would conduct slower propagation across the network, but the gains achieved over higher efficiency and the total amount of bandwidth used shadowed the minor drawback.
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