UTC-05:00,Tuesday , September 17th 2019

China Has Among The Highest Per Capita Google Search Volumes For Ethereum

02:14 Wednesday , June 12th 2019
According to Google Trends data from June 10, 2019, more people per capita search for Bitcoin in Nigeria than in any other country. There are more searches per capita for Ethereum in Kosovo than anywhere else. This search activity seems to correlate with the region's engagement with cryptocurrencies.
One interesting micro-trend is that several African countries (Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya) have a relatively high amount of Bitcoin searches per capita, compared to their searches for Ethereum. On the other hand, search trends from East Asian crypto giants like China and South Korea skewed toward Ethereum. China holding such a high ranking on this chart is notable, as Google is blocked there. It is also worth noting that those who choose to use the search engine in China are relatively self-selected, as they have to use virtual private networks or other tools in order to jump over the firewall.
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